Friday, December 5, 2014

Oh Yeah, I Remember Now

While playing a round of golf yesterday, I found myself trying to recall the name of the actress who portrayed Phoebe on "Friends."  Should have been easy enough.  I've been watching season one of her show "The Comeback" over the past couple of weeks.

First I went through the cast of Friends, replayed a few episodes of "Episodes" (Joey ... er Matt LeBlanc), and then went to the tried-and-true method of running the alphabet.

I played the back nine much better than the front, which I might attribute to the listing of actresses that distracted me from concentrating too hard on my bad shots.  It was really an impressive list.  There are a lot of C's.

But I never came up with the name, and finally managed to forget my pursuit.

Until Peter Pan came on (#peterpanlive if anyone's looking for me).  At the end of the show, Future Wendy looked like another actress, what was her name?  It was right on the tip of my brain; it had even come up during my alphabetic exercise on the golf course.  Something with an "ie" in it, wasn't it?

Before that, I was mesmerized by Marnie portraying Peter Pan.  No amount of alphabet scanning would have turned up Allison Williams for me; she is Marnie.  And I was proud of her.  She was able to rise above (literally, visible wires notwithstanding) the contemptible character Lena Dunham has forced her to be.  Live on television.

The lesbian scene we haven't seen on "Girls" yet.  I expected Lena Dunham to strut, naked, onto the set of PeterPanLive at any minute.

Oh yeah, I remember what I was writing about.  When future Wendy came on I remembered not being able to remember Phoebe's actress name.  Or Minnie Driver.  So I headed to the computer to cheat.  And I typed "Lisa Kudrow" into the Google search bar.

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